Sorry state of road to Lake Bunyonyi worries authorities

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Sorry state of road to Lake Bunyonyi worries authorities
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Leaders and tourism stakeholders with in the Kigezi sub-region have decried the state of Lake Bunyonyi road.

About 8.4 kilometers, Lake Bunyonyi road connects the town of Kabale to  Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi is known for its green and lush terraced hills that are punctuated with a plethora of over 200 bird species. T

he place combines the art of water birds and some migratory birds but unfortunately, over the years, Lake Bunyonyi Road has been in a sole state especially when it rains.

President Museveni a few years ago pledged to have the road tarmacked.

Over  the years, several  politicians have come out to make empty promises of government plans to have the road tarmacked especially during campaigns but all this has not seen the light of the day.

Located in south western Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi generates revenue to  Kabale district and Uganda at large since it is a tourist attraction.

Steven Kasyaba LC5 Rubanda district highlighted that on several occasions,  government has been budgeting for tourism roads  but Bunyonyi has always been ignored.

“The government of Uganda has several times been budgeting for tourism roads. The tourism roads are not under the mandate  but UNRA. We have most of the time requested government to come to have such roads tarmacked because they  generate a lot of money."

Abel Bizimana LC5 Kisoro district stated that the tourism roads with in Kigezi sub-region have themselves become tourist attractions, noting that these challenges stem from poor planning.

“Ugandans we are poor planners and  poor implementers but we are also poor in terms of competing yet we want money," Bizimana said.

According to Ivan Batuma the chairman of Kigezi tourism cluster, business around Lake Bunyonyi has greatly been affected due to the poor state of the road adding that its not only Lake Bunyonyi road but all the tourism roads with the region are in bad state.

He adds that over 50% of the revenue they have been collecting has greatly reduced.

In a phone interview with Allan Ssempebwa, the spokesperson of the  says that they are in the process of  upgrading Lake Bunyonyi-Kabale Road as well as Kisoro-Mughahinga stating that these are two roads serve critical tourism zones.

"Before the end of this financial as UNRA, we shall be fully on ground to have works kick start," Ssempebwa said.

Ssempebwa further says that they have already secured a contractor adding that the teams are on ground to have people around lake Bunyonyi compensated before the construction works kicks off.

“There is already government program to up grade Lake Bunyonyi-Kabale Road and Kisoro-Mughahinga Road because these are two critical tourism roads in tourism zones."

Most  of the tourism roads that include Kisoro-Mgahinga Road and Rubanda-Ruhinja roads have not been worked on for many yrears.


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