Unfair to single out MPs for prosecution - Musila

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Unfair to single out MPs for prosecution - Musila
Paul Akamba (centre) was violently re-arrested on Friday

Bubulo East MP John Musila has decried "unfair" treatment that has individual legislators being charged yet there were others also involved in the alleged corruption.

Musila said the accounting officers and technical team who paid the money are culpable.

"There must have been a conspiracy. How would five commissioners sit without the Prime Minister, Ministers, and others that weren't charged?" he said.

Musila was speaking while appearing on a local television station with Kagoma North MP Brandon Kintu and former Deputy RDC for Rubaga Division Anderson Burora.

Three legislators were arrested last week and charged with corruption-related offences over negotiating kickbacks to increase budget estimates for certain sectors.

Cissy Namujju, Paul Akamba and Yusuf Mutembuli are today expected to seek their temporary release before the Anti-Corruption Court.

But Musila thinks the whole group that presided over the disbursement of over Shs500 million to buy generators for the Speakers' homes should be investigated too.

"Being a chairperson does not guarantee one being the master card of taking decisions an indicator that the whole committee including the accounting officers makes the decisions," he said.

Mishandling and misallocation of funds have been a song in Uganda for years that the leaders have continued to dance to irrespective of the deficits they leave these government institutions in and the poor services that the citizens have to struggle with since the money allocated for development is diverted to individual interests.

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