Busoga chiefs end decade-long feud

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Busoga chiefs end decade-long feud
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Unity was made in the Busoga Kingdom at the weekend as a delegation from the historically rebellious Bulamogi chiefdom met with Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV at Igenge Palace in Bugembe.

This visit marked the end of a prolonged rift that began in 2009 following the death of Kyabazinga Henry Wako Muloki.

The delegation, led by Chief Prince James Neita, included traditional, religious, and political leaders from Bulamogi, who conveyed a message of reconciliation and unity.

“Bulamogi is back home,” Neita declared.

“We have taken quite a long time with these misunderstandings, but we have learnt that it is meaningless. Bulamogi is an integral component of Busoga. Busoga can’t be Busoga without any of these chiefdoms,” he added.

The Bulamogi prince emphasised the realisation that unity is essential for the kingdom's progress, noting their presence was to officially reunite with Kyabazinga Nadiope IV and the rest of Busoga.

The reconciliation effort began in earnest when Prince Columbus Wambuzi Zibondo, son of the late Henry Wako Muloki, visited Gabula Nadiope IV in Kamuli in 2022.

Addressing the delegation, Kyabazinga Nadiope expressed his joy and reflected on the advice of his predecessor.

“My father and also my brother Waako Mulooki, who nurtured me, could tell me that never abandon my family and the people of Bulamogi," he said.

"It is a pleasure that today I am here with the family and the people of Bulamogi he used to tell me about when he was still alive."

The Kyabazinga emphasized the importance of love, harmony, and peace in transforming the Busoga community.

The historical feud began in 2009 when Prince Zibondo claimed the throne following his father's death, contesting Nadiope claim to the throne.

However, the recent reconciliation efforts have shown signs of lasting peace and unity within the kingdom.

Busoga Kingdom, comprising 11 chiefdoms, has seen only Bugabula and Bulamogi produce all its Kyabazinga since the inception of the throne.

The latest reconciliation is a promising step towards a more unified and prosperous future for the kingdom.

“We have therefore come today to openly show that we are together with the Kyabazinga and we shall continue working with him,” Neita affirmed.

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