Kasese Residents Face Eviction Threat in Land Dispute


By Fahad Masereka

Residents in Kyaminyoku cell, Kasese Municipality, fear eviction as Kilembe Mines Limited claims ownership of the land they inhabit. The court ruling favouring the company has heightened anxieties.

Rooted in history:

The 170-acre dispute dates back to 2010. Kilembe Mines, once under government lease, claims the land. The Muheka family, however, asserts an ancestral agreement with former mine operators, claiming the agreement was never fulfilled.

Unfulfilled promises and legal battles:

Enos Muheka, representing the family, stated, "There was an agreement...over the usage of the land that was never fulfilled."

Despite government efforts to halt unauthorized construction, Kilembe Mines pursued legal action and won the case.

Challenging the verdict and seeking intervention:

The defendants are challenging the ruling, refusing to be labelled squatters on their claimed ancestral land.

Local leaders, including the MP, division chairman, and Mayor, are urging the government to intervene and find a peaceful solution without resorting to eviction.

Unresolved concerns and a call for action:

A source anonymously noted, "A commission of inquiry...expressed interest in investigating the issue...However, the outcome is yet to be disclosed."

As tensions rise and residents face an uncertain future, calls for a peaceful resolution and fair land adjudication grow louder. The government's intervention is crucial to protect the affected community's rights and livelihoods.

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