Gov't makes case for merging agencies

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Gov't makes case for merging agencies

As discussions surrounding the rationalization of government agencies gain momentum in Uganda, policymakers and experts are exploring additional measures to optimize cost savings and enhance service delivery across the nation.

While the rationalization initiative promises substantial savings of over 1 trillion shillings, calls to resize cabinet, parliament, and administrative units like districts are growing louder among public policy experts.

Quoting Adam Smith's seminal work "The Wealth of Nations," President Yoweri Museveni views rationalization as a potential solution to streamline government operations and reduce expenditure.

However, voices from both within and outside the political sphere suggest that further measures may be necessary to maximize efficiency and fiscal prudence.

Paul Omara, Member of Parliament for Otuke County, advocates for reforms to manage the government fleet as part of broader efforts to achieve cost savings.

"In pursuit of more cost savings, the laws need to be reformed to effectively manage the government fleet," Omara emphasized.

Former Mbale Municipality legislator, Jack Wamai Wamanga, echoes Omara's sentiments, emphasizing the need to downsize the bloated cabinet and parliament.

"The idea of sizing down on the bloated cabinet and parliament is welcome," Wamanga affirmed.

David Walakira, an economist, points to the proliferation of districts in Uganda over the past decade, attributing it to political gerrymandering and emphasizing the need to shift focus away from such expansions.

"Focus on new district creations should change for the better," Walakira asserted.

Amid increasing domestic revenues, concerns persist regarding the sustainability of delivering essential public services amidst declining budget support.

As Uganda grapples with these challenges, the call for decisive action resonates among experts and policymakers alike.

"The clock is ticking fast, and the search for a better country continues," concludes the sentiment shared by Paul Omara, David Walakira, and Jack Wamai Wamanga, underscoring the urgency of implementing reforms to enhance governance efficiency and service delivery in Uganda

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