Uganda Charts Course for Sustainable Growth with National Development Plan

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Uganda Charts Course for Sustainable Growth with National Development Plan
Minjster Kadaga launches the National Physical Development Plan.

Uganda has unveiled a roadmap for its future with the launch of the National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) 2021-2040. Led by First Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Kadaga, the NPDP tackles challenges posed by a growing population by strategically managing land and water resources.

As a cornerstone of Uganda's national planning, the NPDP outlines balanced development across various sectors, from urban expansion to agricultural efficiency. Land Minister Judith Nabakooba stressed the plan's commitment to fair access to resources, ensuring equal opportunities in land use and ownership.

"Our aim," said Kadaga, "is to optimize Uganda's land and water resources to guarantee enough affordable food for all citizens."

The NPDP acknowledges the regional context by integrating with the East African Community's (EAC) framework. Connectivity and collaboration are seen as vital aspects of Uganda's development strategy.

"The NPDP aligns perfectly with Vision 2040, our roadmap to becoming a competitive, middle-income, and modern industrialized nation," confirmed Nabakooba.

With urban areas facing limitations in land availability due to population growth, the NPDP plays a crucial role in guiding sustainable urban development and infrastructure planning.

The plan's focus on balanced resource distribution and equitable access reflects Uganda's commitment to building a more prosperous and inclusive society for generations to come.

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