Being a politician in Uganda is now more challenging than ever, says Tayebwa

Being a politician in Uganda is now more challenging than ever, says Tayebwa
Esther Lubunde and Tayebwa.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has expressed his dismay at the current state of politics in Uganda, stating that these are the worst times for anyone to be involved in the political arena.

He questioned whether it is even worth it for individuals to engage in Ugandan politics, given the prevailing atmosphere of hatred and intrigue within society.

Tayebwa made these comments during a media interview at Parliament, in response to a viral video posted by Esther Ruhunde.

In the video, Ruhunde accused Tayebwa of unlawfully taking possession of her family's land.

She further alleged that Tayebwa had tortured and falsely imprisoned her husband during a land dispute, which later turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

Tayebwa clarified that the accusation was based on a misunderstanding.

When people saw the name Tayebwa, they erroneously assumed it referred to the Deputy Speaker, which was not the case.

He expressed his distress over the rapid spread of such videos and the prevailing negativity in Ugandan politics, as people readily embrace such accusations.

"I believe this is the most challenging period to be a politician in Uganda, and I question its worth. The society we have fostered, with its spreading hatred, is truly painful," said Tayebwa.

The Deputy Speaker shared that he was shocked when his wife showed him the video, as he does not own any land in the Entebbe area.

He stated that he had never encountered anyone requesting assistance in such a matter.

Tayebwa expressed gratitude to the public for providing him with the contacts of the lady who made the accusations and her lawyer.

He managed to contact the lawyer, who arranged a meeting with Ruhunde.

During the meeting, Ruhunde realised that the land title was in the name of an infant called Tayebwa, which was unrelated to the Deputy Speaker.

She then decided to publicly apologise for her mistaken accusations.

Tayebwa revealed that he had a meeting with Ruhunde, who appeared desperate, and explained that she resorted to social media after seeking help from various offices without receiving a satisfactory resolution.

The Deputy Speaker confirmed that Ruhunde's husband is currently serving a six-month prison sentence for failing to pay a legal fine of 40 million Ugandan Shillings after losing a court case.

"I have wholeheartedly forgiven her after her apology. When you see her, she appears sickly and truly desperate, grasping at anything that could help her address her husband's imprisonment," he stated.

Tayebwa expressed his anguish over how social media platforms are being misused to tarnish people's names and reputations.

He believed that no apology video could fully repair the damage caused to his reputation by the viral accusations.

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