Reliving nostalgia at The Reminisce Event

Reliving nostalgia at The Reminisce Event
Next Radio Pop Up studio at the Reminisce Event

The Reminisce event was a captivating blend of music and vintage ambience, transporting attendees back to an authentic old-school vibe. The event's atmosphere was enhanced by attendees showcasing their best throwback fashion, creating a perfect fusion with the nostalgic theme.

The setup, adorned with old TV and radio sets, and vintage newspapers, added a touch of beauty to the old-school setting, immersing individuals in a time capsule of memories.

A notable highlight was the pop-up radio station set up by Next Radio and hosted by Jokwiz Klean, allowing attendees to engage directly with the broadcast. DJs Gero and Ssesse curated an evening filled with timeless hits, keeping the crowd entertained.

Jokwiz Klean expressed delight at such events, emphasizing their significance for radio and music enthusiasts, particularly Next Radio's millennial and Gen Z audience. Timothy Bhatia, the brand manager for Next Radio, hailed The Reminisce as a memorable experience, offering attendees a journey back in time to groove to their favourite nostalgic tunes.

The event encapsulated a celebration of shared memories, reviving old-school culture, and creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

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