Journalists urged to focus more on reporting about developmental issues

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Journalists urged to focus more on reporting about developmental issues
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Ugandan journalists have been urged to focus more on reporting about development issues in order to benefit the country.

This advice was given during a Leave No One Behind media discussion hosted by the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) and their partners at Nob View Hotel Ntinda.

UNAU's Secretary General, Richard Baguma, recognized the media's role in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“UNAU as a partner in collecting the views of Ugandans for VNR we said it is crucial that we convene some media people and we hear what are those issues as citizens that also hinders them professionally in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs especially goal 16 which is about the freedom of the media and generally the freedom and the ability to communicate,” Baguma said.

He emphasized the importance of journalists taking the initiative to report on the issues affecting their country, without waiting for permission.

“You'll have to take that power. Please don't wait for anybody to handle that power over you. So, when we invite here, we would like you to talk about the development issues of your country.” he noted.

One official from OPM-SDGs Secretariat, Onesmus Kansiime, emphasized that journalists should not only cover SDGs but also focus on other important topics like corruption.

He emphasized the need for fair and impartial reporting that holds those in power accountable.

“Their reporting should be able to uproot corruption, hold those in power to account, encourage democratic participation but they should do this with fairness and impartiality,”Onesmus cited.

The dialogue focused on discussing the five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under review and reflecting on the contribution of media in realization of these goals.

Gerald, a media climate advocate urged fellow journalists to report with passion, concern rather than event based reporting.

“Analysis, studying the landscape with solution orientated reporting should be core and this is one role media can leverage to accelerate and inform on SDGs,”

The media dialogue touched on the importance of the media in achieving the SDGs.

The SDGs touched on were; Goal 1 (No Poverty), Goal 2 (End Hunger), Goal 13 (Climate Action), Goal 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions), and Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

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