Go start your own party - Luttamaguzi tells 'isolated' Bwanika

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Go start your own party - Luttamaguzi tells 'isolated' Bwanika
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Nakaseke South MP, Paulson Luttamaguzi has advised fellow MP, Dr. Abed Bwanika to create his own political party if he feels isolated within the National Unity Platform(NUP).

The suggestion came after Bwanika expressed dissatisfaction with how NUP president, Robert Kyagulanyi manages the party and accused him of failing to control his supporters.

The Kimanya Kabonera MP, went on to accuse Kyagulanyi of isolating him, and former Leader of Opposition (LoP), Mathias Mpuuga yet according to him, they laid a foundation stone for the party.

Speaking to NBS Television, Luttamaguzi questioned why Bwanika stays in a party that isolates him and suggested that he should go back to his personal political party.

“If you feel that you’re isolated in NUP, why should you stay there?. Go and create your own party. Afterall a person of Abed Bwanika, why can’t he go back to his personal political party?” Luttamaguzi wondered.

“Because he knows there is no electricity in his own political party. They are all running to Kyagulanyi because they know it is him who brought them to the positions they are in.” the Nakaseke South County MP added.

The friction between Kyagulanyi, Mathias Mpuuga, and Bwanika has caused tension within NUP.

The friction was fueled by the  weekend outburst at the burial of the late Pascal Ssekasamba in Lwengo district.

The burial turned political after Dr. Bwanika, in his speech, accused his party boss Kyagulanyi, of lacking direction, and aiding abuse by some NUP youths towards him and Mathias Mpuuga.

"This is not the struggle we were saying Mr Kyagulanyi, those youth who are abusing us are your children and anyone who wants to take me out of here you can do it. Kyagulanyi, stop killing our leaders.”

However, on his turn, Kyagulanyi, denied the allegations and emphasized his respect for Mpuuga, and the two.

"I always respect Mpuuga and I have never mobilised anyone to hate him or abuse him and I always tell you not to do it. Even though I have disagreed with Mpuuga, we do not need to reach that level because we have a lot that connects us like religion and tribe,” Kyagulanyi said.

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