Fear grips Karamoja as Turkana attacks escalate

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Fear grips Karamoja as Turkana attacks escalate
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Residents of Karamoja are living in fear as Turkana pastoralists from Kenya launched renewed attacks on communities in the region, leaving a trail of devastation and loss.

The escalating violence has sparked alarm among local leaders, who are calling for urgent intervention to address the growing insecurity.

According to reports, three major attacks by Turkana pastoralists have occurred in the past two weeks alone, resulting in the theft of cattle and the tragic loss of lives.

Meri Jino, Chairman of Kaabong District, and Paul Lotee Komol, Chairman of Kotido District, have raised concerns over the vulnerability of their communities to these attacks.

In response to the mounting insecurity, residents of Kaabong and Kotido districts have gathered under trees to express their frustrations and demand lasting solutions from their leaders.

Natuk Judith, a Karamoja youth mobilizer, highlighted the urgent need for action to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Despite efforts to address the challenges, the situation remains dire, with stolen animals rarely recovered once they cross the border into Kenya.

Major General Don Nabasa, Commander of the 3rd Division, acknowledged the absence of Kenyan security forces along the border, exacerbating the difficulty of apprehending perpetrators and recovering stolen livestock.

In addition to the external threat posed by Turkana attacks, leaders have also raised concerns about internal gun violence among Karamoja youth who have yet to surrender illegal weapons to the Ugandan government.

Paul Lotee Komol, Chairman of Kotido, emphasized the need for concerted efforts to address both external and internal security challenges facing the region.

Residents are calling on authorities to take decisive action to restore peace and security to the region, ensuring the safety and livelihoods of all affected communities.

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