Salam Ramadhan Symposium : A celebration of faith and community

Salam Ramadhan Symposium : A celebration of faith and community
Salam TV General Manager, Hajji Karim Kaliisa speaking to Muslims at the Salam Ramadhan Symposium

The Salam Ramadhan Symposium kicked off on Sunday, March 17, at Hotel Africana, bringing together Muslims for a day of spiritual enlightenment and community engagement.

The symposium, organised to deepen understanding of Ramadhan, drew a large crowd eager to hear insights from esteemed sheikhs and scholars.

Hajji Karim Kaliisa, General Manager of Salam TV, expressed gratitude to attendees and outlined the vision for upcoming Sundays during Ramadhan. The symposium, scheduled to continue every Sunday throughout the month, offers enlightening sessions accessible to the public without any entry fee.

Sheikhs and scholars such as Sheikh Kassim Kiyingi, Imam Ahmad Sulaiman Kyeyune, and Imam Kasozi covered essential topics related to Ramadhan observance, including fasting guidelines and historical injustices affecting Islam in Uganda.

Beyond religious discourse, the symposium fostered communal solidarity and knowledge-sharing. Attendees were encouraged to spread awareness and understanding within their communities.

As Hajji Karim Kaliisa noted, "Next Sunday, we will organize things more effectively; today was a test run. Let us all be involved and raise awareness in our communities."

As the symposium continues each Sunday during Ramadhan, it invites active participation and thoughtful engagement and embraces values of compassion, knowledge, and unity.

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