The rise of Joao Gabriel at KCCA FC: A tale of dedication and flair

The rise of Joao Gabriel at KCCA FC: A tale of dedication and flair
Joao Gabriel won the man of the match award against NEC FC.

In July 2023, Joao Gabriel Esteves Cardoso, a talented South American footballer, embraced a new chapter in his career when he became the first signing under the leadership of coach Sergio Traguil at KCCA FC.

Troubles of adapting to a new culture notwithstanding, the 21 year old was never fazed. He worked to find his footing at KCCA FC.

It wasnt long that his perseverance began to pay off. A decent showing in the seven games featured during the season, including two starts for the Kasasiro Boys.

One memorable encounter saw Gabriel as the sole scorer in a 3-1 defeat against Kitara FC, highlighting his ability to make an impact on the field.

Gabriel is an embodiment of: flamboyance, deft touch, and quick wit. His lightning pace makes him a terror to opponents, while his keen ability to pick out and execute decisive actions has made him a darling at the MTN Omondi Stadium.

In the game against NEC FC, Gabriel's talents were on full display as he contributed two assists, helping KCCA FC secure a 3-0 victory.

That was further decorated with a man of the match award.

Joao Gabriel in action.

Reflecting on his journey, Gabriel feels KCCA FC embodies a team play.

"I have dedicated myself to hard work since joining KCCA FC, Starting my second game this season and winning man of the match, I have earned it through relentless effort. It's time to savor the fruits of my labor."

Renowned football commentator Jermaine Egesa lauded Gabriel's potential, describing him as one of the most promising players in the league.

"A real delight to finally see what the recruitment team at KCCA set out to get.  Cool and calm demeanor on the pitch with almost a split second game reading ahead of anyone else on the pitch. Baring injuries, Gabriel is destined for a cult hero presence in Lugogo with his dogged hardwork spiced up with the Samba style ingrained in his DNA Egesa remarked.”

Embraced by the fans, Gabriel has earned the nickname "Bwongo," signifying intelligence and astuteness on the pitch.

As he continues to impress with his skill and dedication, Gabriel represents the future of Brazilian football at KCCA FC, inspiring hope and excitement among fans and teammates alike.

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