TikTok wannabe arrested over malicious leak of woman's 'nudes'

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TikTok wannabe arrested over malicious leak of woman's 'nudes'
Denis Nsubuga after arrest and in set is the victim

Police at CPS in Kampala have arrested Denis Nsubuga, a TikToker popularly known as Denno Official, over cyber stalking and distributing ponograhic materials.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, Nsubuga is accused of sharing a video of a woman’s nudes that he claimed were for one Doreen Nalunga on social media.

“It's alleged that Nsubuga got an old nude video of an unidentified person and started circulating it purporting that it was for one Doreen Nalunga, aka Milk Bae, and circulated the said video on various social media platforms,” Onyango said.

He said Nalunga reported the cases to CPS prompting investigations that led to the tracking and arrest of the TikToker today, Wednesday.

“Nsubuga is currently detained at CPS Kampala and Police has recorded statements from the complainant and relevant witnesses. Witnesses have confirmed that the videos that Nsubuga circulated, are not for Milk bae but for some other person who is not yet identified,” Onyango said.

He appealed to members of the public to desist from sharing information on social media without verifying its authenticity.

“We want to appeal to members of the public to be careful on what they post on social media and they should cross check any information before posting otherwise the law will catch up with you.”

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