Schools in Gulu City report 398 red eye cases

Schools in Gulu City  report 398 red eye cases
A person with red eyes

Gulu City leadership is on high alert after it recorded 398 cases of the red in four primary schools.

The RCC  Jane Frances Amongin Okili and the city health officer Geoffrey Topiny are concerned that the outbreak has come at a time when learners are doing their end of term examinations,.

"At the moment we have four schools having this problem, and then some spotted areas in the communities" Topiny said.

According g to the city health educator, schools and parents are being encouraged to observe hygienic standard operating procedures such as hand washing.

"We call on upon the public to practice the washing of hands with soap, water and for those who feeling itching, headache, to also be suspicious," said the Gulu RCC, Amongin.

However, authorities in Gulu are worried the red eye disease could be spread even further by the return of learners to their homes.

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