Bugiri business community pledges support for Anti Counterfeit Bill

Bugiri business community pledges support for Anti Counterfeit Bill
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Residents of Bugiri have unanimously resolved to support the Anti Counterfeits Bill that is before Parliament.

During a meeting in Bugiri municipality, the residents said they have encountered several losses as a result of purchase of fake goods from shops and supermarkets.

One of the residents, Bumali Luba said the majority of consumers always ignore checking for the expiry dates on goods and products they buy in shops or supermarkets yet it is crucial in a bid to fight counterfeits.

“There are people who think that some goods like wheat flour don’t expire and people decide to just buy and consume without wanting to know what is written on the them yet this is wrong,”Bumali said.

“Previously persons who were found guilty of importing or manufacturing fake goods would pay little fines in courts of law and later come back to carry out their illegal businesses. We are happy that the proposed law stipulates heavy fines,”he said.

The chairman of the  Anti Counterfeit Network, Fred Muwema allayed  fears spreading amongst a section of the population saying most Ugandans would lose jobs in case the anti counterfeit law fully become operational.

He advised local manufacturers of liquid soap, candles to quickly seek authority from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards to ensure their products are certified for quality

“Just make sure that you get authority that will fully allow you remain in the market, "he urged.

He attributed the increasing cases of poverty levels amongst most households country wide to the use of counter felt herbicides and pesticides.

“Farmers are buying fake pesticides thinking they will reap bigger yields but end up being frustrated."

Mwema said there is urgent need for all government agencies to cooperate to ensure there is a reduction in cases of importation of counterfeit goods or their manufacture.

Bugiri Municipality MP, Asuman Basalirwa who introduced the bill on the floor of parliament  promised to ensure it is passed by parliament.

Basalirwa attributed the increase in importation of counterfeit goods into the country to corruption amongst most officials of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

He urged Ugandans to fully support the bill since counterfeit goods lead to an increase in cases of cancers.

“Most Ugandans are dying of complicated cancers just because of using counterfeit goods imported into the country by selfish Ugandans," he said.

The Anti-Counterfeit Bill, 2023  seeks to ban counterfeit goods that infringe on intellectual property rights, focusing on copyrights and trademarks. It also introduces penalties for trading in counterfeit products and grants authority for confiscation to the Uganda Revenue Authority and inspectors from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.


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