UBL unveils new premium flavour for Uganda Waragi


Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) the makers of  Uganda Waragi have unveiled a  new premium limited flavor  for the gin named, Uganda Waragi Lemon and Ginger.

According to the company, the  exceptional and exclusive edition brings a burst of refreshing flavors to the renowned classic, promising to create unforgettable moments for consumers.

The new flavor has been billed as a  refreshing twist on the classic Uganda Waragi, specially crafted to bring a

burst of flavor and vibrancy to moments of celebration, created for limitless Ugandans for a limited period of time.

In what many referred to as a timely unveil, the  new flavour was unveiled a few hours to the Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja so as to  grab the attention of Ugandan party goers with a publicity stunt that eventually brought to light the new variant edition meant to celebrate limitless Ugandans, via social media.

UBL's commitment to promoting youth talent has been accelerated with this limited edition as the talented Natasha Karungi, aka Kashushu, was on-boarded as the artist behind the stunning design on the bottle of Uganda Waragi Lemon and Ginger.

The limited-edition Uganda Waragi Lemon and Ginger is priced competitively to ensure

accessibility to a wide range of consumers as it goes for  35,000 for the 750ml bottle

and will only be available for one year.

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