Glitches mar first day of census

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Glitches mar first day of census
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Day one of the the eagerly awaited census 2024 has been faced with a web of technical difficulties, delaying the population and housing count with Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) machines and login hurdles hampering the data collection process.

Speaking on behalf of the National Population and Housing Census 2024, Alfred Geresom Musamali, the Publicity and Advocacy Advisor, addressed the setbacks, acknowledging the inconvenience faced by enumerators and citizens alike.

"We wish to apologise for the delay in reaching you this morning, technical challenges with CAPI machines and logging in have been a cause of concern. Additionally, some machines were deployed without the necessary software, compounding the issues," asserted Musamali.

Many of the enumerators, tasked with the responsibility of gathering data, found themselves grappling with unfamiliar technology.

In Moroto district, out of 9 enumerators, only one managed to count the population, leaving the rest of the nine stranded in limbo due to technical glitches whereas in Mbale, some of the enumerators resorted to traditionally counting the masses.

Musamali highlighted efforts to rectify the situation, reassuring citizens of ongoing efforts to overcome the hurdles.

"We are working round the clock to address these challenges," he affirmed.

Musamali extended an alternative solution, suggesting the empowerment of knowledgeable individuals, such as secondary school students on holiday, to provide necessary information.

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