Census starts amid glitches

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Census starts amid glitches
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The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has partnered with the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), towards the nation's census counting that kicked off today amidst a blend of anticipation and challenges.

Deputy Representative of UNFPA, Daniel Alemu, shed light on the initial stages of the operation, highlighting both the extended support and the hurdles encountered during their field inspection.

"UNFPA provided vital technical assistance to UBOS, aiding in the mapping process and crafting the census questionnaire guide. Financial backing was also extended for visibility materials and essential procurement."

However, the first day of counting has revealed anticipated challenges, as Alemu acknowledged.

"Gaps and hurdles are to be expected in the initial stages, but we aim to swiftly address these and provide constructive feedback to UBOS for enhancements during the remaining nine days."

Mark Beingana, the Residential City Commissioner (RCC) forĀ  Makindye cited specific challenges encountered in residential areas like Muyenga where some residents displayed hesitance in granting access to enumerators.

"Some residents displayed hesitance in granting access to enumerators, posing obstacles to the data collection process," Beingana observed.

One of the enumerators Kose Farjala recounted his firsthand experiences grappling with intricacies during household visits such as technical glitches while using the data entry tablet, and hesitance towards feedback of questions.

"Certain questions proved challenging, met with refusals or hesitations. Moreover, technical glitches in tablet networks hindered seamless data entry," he said.

Resident perspectives provided nuanced insights into the citizenry's reception of the census endeavour.

Fredrick Oteba, a Muyenga resident, appreciated the directness of the questionnaire but expressed concerns over its length.

"While the questions were straightforward, their sheer number was overwhelming," Oteba commented.

Oteba expressed skepticism towards political-related questions in fright of being spied on.

"Furthermore, inquiries touching on political affiliations raised apprehensions of potential surveillance."

The collaborative efforts of UNFPA and UBOS continue to strive for accuracy and inclusivity, ensuring every voice is heard and accounted for.

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