Stay at home on 9th May

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Stay at home on 9th May
UBOS executive director, Dr. Chris Mukiza

Uganda Bureau of Statistics has Urged every Ugandan Citizen to ensure that they sleep and stay in their homes by the night of the 9th.May.2024.

This comes after the government confirms a digital census which is to take place on the 10th.May.2024.

James Muwonge, the Director of methodology and Statistical coordinator at UBOS has confirmed that the government has already cleared up to 95 per cent of what’s required in the census after they purchased 120,000 tablets and over 100 computers ready to be used during the census.

Muwonge adds, that however much the census is to be carried out digitally, it’s going to be door-to-door to avoid miss count and incorrect figures.

He adds that by June, they will be able to avail preliminary results, September with provisional results and in December they will avail the final results.

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