Trouble Brewing in NUP's Bukoto South Stronghold

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Trouble Brewing in NUP's Bukoto South Stronghold
Dr Twaha Kagabo with Gen Muhoozi.

A storm cloud hangs over the National Unity Platform (NUP) in Bukoto South. Members are demanding their elected MP, Dr. Twaha Kagabo, hand back his party membership card. The cause? Disrespectful comments aimed at NUP and its leader, Bobi Wine, during a recent visit by President Museveni.

The controversy ignited when Dr. Kagabo, at the President's visit, publicly criticized Bobi Wine. He accused the NUP leader of misleading people and claimed to have left the party after realizing this. NUP members in Bukoto South were outraged. Not only were they offended by the remarks, but they also felt Dr Kagabo hadn't delivered as their MP.

The demand for Dr. Kagabo's resignation came swiftly. Letters flooded party leader Bobi Wine's office, and signs demanding the return of the NUP card sprouted throughout the streets.

Dr. Kagabo, however, took the situation lightly. He dismissed calls to return the card, claiming it's like a "rental" with an expiry date in May 2025. Until then, he asserts, he can do as he pleases with the card, even "rub it in the dust" if he wants.

Despite this flippant response, Dr. Kagabo did offer a glimmer of hope. He hinted at eventually returning the card, suggesting a potential reconciliation.

But tensions remain high. NUP members are resolute, while Dr. Kagabo clings to his "rental" card theory. This clash throws NUP's grip on Bukoto South into question. With both sides digging in, the party's future in the constituency hangs in the balance. Only time will tell if Dr. Kagabo will make good on his vague promise and how this power struggle will ultimately play out.

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