NOT US: Airtel detaches self from ‘awful’ Mbarara cow monument

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Airtel telecommunications company has distanced self from the Mbarara cow Monument which has irked Ugandans on social media and the general public at large.

The public and social media users have overwhelmingly rejected the monument launched this week supposedly to replace the traditional “amahembe g’ente’ (cow horns) or Rusiina at the Airtel round about entrance of Mbarara Town.

The initial monument of a cow was knocked down in 2017 to build a clock tower sponsored by Airtel telecommunications limited but noise from the public required that the monument be replaced as it was vital to express culture of the area and ease directions.

It is alleged that a team of engineers from the district had to travel to Turkey to achieve the design of the new monument. Indeed, when they returned, they started the construction of the monument and the results were outrightly rejected by social media users and the public at large as soon as they launched.

However, the new monument has received more scorn that applause, with many calling for it to be taken down and lambasting Airtel for being part of the incompetence.

In a statement from the telecom company, they said that they are not responsible for the monument.

“There have been some erroneous reports on social media regarding Airtel Uganda’s association with the new structures on the Mbarara Roundabout.”

“Airtel Uganda would like to notify the general public that it is not behind the structural changes of the Mbarara Roundabout. Airtel only supports the clocks maintenance and advertises on the clock tower,” the statement continued.





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