Nyege Nyege, Kyabazinga wedding provides a delicious tourism menu for Busoga

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By Olivia Nakalembe

The annual Nyege Nyege festival has diversified Busoga’s economy and earned a place top of the tourism menu.

Coupled with the historic Busoga's Royal wedding, the two events have turned out to be a game changer for the region

The duo of breathtaking flora and impeccable fauna have been at the fulcrum of Uganda's Tourism. However, the famous annual Nyege Nyege Festival is now a disrupter considering the over 5000 visitors it pulls from the foreign market in just a short time.

The numbers speak directly to forex channelled in by the foreigners and the booming economic activity given the high demand for food and beverages to keep the revellers going. Businessmen in Jinja testify to counting coins per coin.

Derek Deberu the co-founder of Nyege Nyege says this musical festival speaks to the tourism value chain. It has filled out hotels in Jinja and has also provided a platform to promote talent given the cross-cutting genres of music across the board.

Whereas this year’s fest is being held close to the source of the Nile, the curiosity of the revellers will push them to explore and uncover more tourism products and marine activities like rafting, kayaking, and tubing the Nile which will enrich tourist satisfaction.

This year's historic Busoga Royal wedding has had its equal share of a boost to the tourism sector.

Tourists, scholars, cultural enthusiasts, and corporate companies have flocked to Uganda and the Busoga subregion to witness this traditional landmark.

Corporate companies have taken it a notch higher by contributing millions of shillings to foresee the success of the royal wedding come the 18th of this month and political and cultural leaders rallying subjects and the electorate to be present and honour the tradition.

The private sector notes that this should be an eye-opener to the development of cultural tourism which presents a unique competitive edge.

These say policies should be drafted to beef up this product that contributes about 70% of tourism revenue globally more than wildlife.

The Ministry of Tourism says such events are the benchmark for identifying key gaps in the sector which could later inform infrastructural development.

Despite being naturally endowed, the Busoga Region largely remains underdeveloped. However, if deliberate investment is made, sector players say Busoga could regain her economic potential just like in the good old times.



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