Back to the Source Tours aims to showcase Uganda, the “Pearl of the World”

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Back to the Source Tours, a renowned lifestyle travel agency is set to embark on an exciting journey to spotlight Uganda's indigenous and unique features in collaboration with various celebrities and influencers from around the world.

During a press conference held at the Next Media Park, Ms. Fanny Martinez, CEO of Back to the Source Tours, unveiled the ambitious initiative. She stated, "Our primary objective is to generate significant buzz and widespread interest among both domestic and international travelers. Additionally, the initiative aims to foster collaboration between local influencers and the visiting celebrities, creating a powerful force to influence positive social-economic change and promote the unique cultural, natural, and historical treasures of Uganda."

Ms. Martinez added, "Back to the Source Tours represents a commitment to building a lasting legacy of sustainable tourism, responsible travel, and inclusive experiences that celebrate the richness of our global heritage. Through collaboration, innovation, and mutual support, the initiative seeks to transform the tourism industry and drive positive change."

Among the visiting celebrities and influencers is Arturo Islas Allende, the host of the popular CBS reality TV show "Survivor Mexico," who boasts an impressive social media following of 22 million. Joining him are other US celebrities and influencers, together reaching over 40 million individuals worldwide on social media platforms. During their visit in October and November, they will embark on a month-long journey through Uganda, documenting their extraordinary experiences and showcasing the beauty and richness of the Ugandan destinations they visit.

During the press conference, endorsement videos from the influencers played, showcasing their excitement for the upcoming trip. Splack, Tonio Skits and Arturo all endorsed the campaign, in which Arturo called Uganda the Pearl of the World.

Ms. Martinez also acknowledged the support of Ugandan leading hotels and lodges that have embraced the initiative, including Emburara Farm Lodge, Chimpundu Lodge, Tilenga Safari Lodge, Mihingo Lodge, Kikonko Lodge, Karamoja Safari Camp, Kara-Tunga, Wild Frontiers - Nile River Safaris, and Adventure Rentals Republica.

Back to the Source Tours' partnership with influential celebrities and influencers promises to not only promote Uganda's hidden treasures but also create a ripple effect in the tourism industry, encouraging responsible travel and fostering economic growth in the region. As travelers from around the world are inspired to explore Uganda, the nation's natural beauty and vibrant culture are poised to take center stage on the global tourism map.


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