Self-drive around East Africa: A journey through Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya

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A self-drive safari in East Africa will expose you to the vast and varied landscapes, combined with an awe-inspiring spectacle of wildlife, primates and mountaineering which has been ranked by travelers that the self-drive safari offers an unbeatable experience compared to guide Safari.

You self-drive safari will take you through Uganda , Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya when you consider one way car rental option but if its complete trip you will cross to Uganda as the last final destination for your flight via Entebbe Airport.

Many car rental companies offer 4x4 Cars for Rental on Self-drive in East Africa with excellent and standard Camping gears that include tent co rooftop tents, Fridge that are always fitted on land cruisers that are reliable to take you through  Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and  Kenya.

You would like to explore as family? Select the standard Land cruiser LX with double rooftop tents that comes with camping gears for 4 persons and incase your more than 4 persons the best option is to select the extra car for unique experience of camping in the bush.

Self-drive Uganda introduced the concept of self-drive Safaris in East Africa and it has been expanding borders to cover the entire East Africa renting 4x4 cars for adventures.

There’s more information about diverse African nations and have penned a want listing of spots they want to find out. Increase to your preferred listing.

Recommended Destinations 

The concept of Self-drive within East Africa is on the rise since the time self-drive Uganda limited was incorporated in Uganda to offer ultimate east Africa safari tours that include drive around Lake Victoria for unique experiences.


Uganda is a relatively small country; it is a little destination that is often toured by road! With some sealed highways radiating from Kampala, the capital of Uganda to regional towns, there is a growing number of travelers who explore the country on self-drive adventures!

A self-drive holiday in Uganda amazingly offers the best and the most flexible road trip to holidaymakers who prefer traveling independently.

When it comes to self-drive trips, no better destination beats Uganda within East Africa. It is a safe and secure country to explore and experience as a family, a group, solo traveler on a self-drive tour.

The friendly and hospitable people also make it easy for travelers to explore the country on self-guided vacations.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest park with area coverage of boasts of its biodiversity worthy exploring using a self-drive rental car. On your self-drive holiday in Murchison Falls, expect more than the big game.

There are also numerous oribis, waterbucks, over 451 bird species, primates including chimpanzees, and above all, do not leave without witnessing the Murchison Falls as it tries to get itself a narrow gorge of about 8 meters before dropping off its waters 43m.

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s only park on the northwestern side. It is a 4-5 hours drive from Kampala and on your self-drive holiday, expects to enjoy more than game drives but also chimpanzee tracking, birding, boat cruise, nature walks.

Rwenzori Mountains

If you are interested in the mystical challenge, the best place to consider a must-visit is the Rwenzori Mountains, National Park.

The Rwenzori Mountains are arguably Uganda’s most dramatic and scenic region. Located between Lake Albert in the north and Lake George in the south, the terrain rises above to over 4000 meters above sea level making it the second highest mountain in Africa.

Climbing Rwenzori is such a rewarding experience that takes you through dramatic landscape characterized with crater lakes, tropical forests, savanna, and Alpine before you reach the snow-capped summits of Margherita Peak. A complete trek to the highest peak takes seven days of both ascent and descent.

South western Destinations

If there is the one most endowed part of Uganda when it comes to nature then it is the Southwestern. Imagine of a place to find the world’s rare mountain gorillas in the wild and think not beyond a self-drive holiday in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a small park in South Western Uganda that is home to two rare primates; the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys. These two primates can be tracked in the park through the gorillas are known to roam “out of bounds” into Rwanda and Congo.

Note: You will cross to Rwanda via Cyanika Border which is close to Mgahinga National park and ease to connect to Volcanoes National Park. The clearing agent of the company will help you to go through the customs at no extra cost.


Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa. Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and is located with-in the heart of the country.

The capital city serves as the country’s business center and port entry with the international Airport. Many travelers spend only a night in Kigali before gorilla trekking with a rented car from Rwanda Car Rental for self-drive safari, missing out on the vibrant culture, cuisine, and sightseeing in Rwanda's capital city. Plan to spend at least a few days here at the beginning or end of your trip.

Volcano National Park

The Volcanoes National Park is arguably the most visited wildlife conservation site in Rwanda. Each year thousands of international visitors go to the park to see mountain gorillas alongside other popular activities in the park. The park has ten  habituated guerilla groups and only 8 people may track a group in a day. Gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park starts with a briefing at 7am from the park office in Kinigi.  From there visitors are taken out to track one of the gorilla groups in the company of armed Guides. Gorilla trekking is one of the most unforgettable experiences while visiting Africa.

Nyungwe National Park

One of the most important forest conservation areas in all of Africa, Nyungwe Forest National Park contains a spectacular array of biodiversity, including 1,068 plant species, 322 species of birds, and 75 types of mammals. Most tourists come to this rainforest to track chimpanzees, which have been habituated to humans by park rangers. This animal encounter is a fraction of the cost of gorilla trekking, yet no less memorable.

Hanging out with primates isn't the only thing to do in Nyungwe. The park is also home to the only canopy walk in East Africa, roughly a 90-minute hike from the Uwinka Visitor Center. You'll walk across a 91-meter-long suspension bridge dangling more than 50 meters above the verdant rainforest, getting a dizzying view of the treetops and mountains in the distance.

Akagera National Park

No trip to Africa is complete without a game drive. Tourists can scratch the itch to go on safari just two-and-a-half hours away from Kigali at Akagera National Park. Managed by the African Parks organization, Akagera and its biodiversity have made an incredible recovery from near decimation after the Rwandan genocide. The 1,140-square-kilometer expanse (one of Central Africa's largest protected wetlands) now boasts all of the Big Five animals, along with an abundance of birds and antelope.

You need need to have a lot of luck to spot a lion or rhino conservationists are still working on boosting their populations, and for now, there aren't that many at Akagera. However, you'll have no trouble spotting zebras, hippos, Nile crocodiles, elephants, and giraffes on a self-drive safari.

The landscape itself is just as spectacular as the animals that live here. You will see the environment make a glorious shift from savannah plains to wetlands and lakes.

Note: You will connect to Tanzania via Akagera national Park using Rusomu Border post. At this point the immigration officers of Rwanda will check the car if it has traffic fines, then you will have to pay for them in order to secure the exit confirmation of the car.


From vast wilderness to lush green islands, and from the Big five game to colorful corals, the East African country of Tanzania is known for its vivid wildlife, and rich aquatic life.

Home to numerous islands, and monumental structures, the tropical town of Zanzibar also boasts of some of the most thrilling adventure sports, and alluring places to visit in Tanzania. Look no further for unique Tanzania Safari experience once you decide to adventure with experts like Car Rental Tanzania the locals that lead in self-drive safaris in Tanzania, Rent a car with rooftop tent for your bush camping in Serengeti National Park and many more.

Serengeti National Park game drive

Serengeti National Park is a vast treeless plain with millions of animals living here or passing through in search of fresh grasslands. It's most famous for the annual wildebeest migration but you can also see the big five here, and nearly 500 species of birds have been recorded on the Serengeti.

As the second largest national park in Tanzania, the Serengeti attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year. The best months for wildlife viewing in Serengeti National Park are between June and September. The wet season is from March to May, with the coldest period from June to October.

The annual migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelle takes place in May or early June. This migration is one of the most impressive natural events and the primary draw for many tourists.

Ngorongoro conservation area

Located between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater and is one of Tanzania's most popular wildlife viewing areas. This huge volcanic crater has a permanent supply of water, which draws thousands of animals who stay in this area rather than migrating.

Visitors come here primarily for viewing large animals and bird watching. Thousands of animals can be seen on the crater floor, including lions, elephants, rhinos, Thomson's gazelles, and buffaloes, but wildebeests and zebras account for over half of the animals that call the Ngorongoro Crater home.

Bird watching is superb, especially around Lake Magadi, which attracts flocks of flamingoes to the shallows. Hippos are content to submerge themselves during the day and then graze in the nearby grass in the evening.

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact ancient caldera in the world, nearly three million years old. The Ngorongoro volcano was one of the world's tallest mountains before it exploded and collapsed.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Measuring 5,895 meters tall, the prodigal mountain of Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of the African continent and also the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth.

This mountain is a part of the Kilimanjaro National Park which is famous for its unique faunal variety. This peak is also one of the most popular Tanzania tourist attractions amongst adventure enthusiasts as it is the base to some of the most arduous hiking, and trekking trails.

You will connect to Kenya via Namanga border and remember to clear the car to exit from Tanzania and connect to Kenya for best wildlife experience on Self Drive Safari.


A country of great diversity, both physically and culturally, Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular destinations for very good reason. With blissful Indian Ocean beaches, craggy mountains, lush forests and wildlife-rich savannahs, there are endless beautiful places to visit in Kenya. Self-Drive Kenya Safari ( is never complete without a visit to the listed places below, as advised by the experts.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is home to a vast number of bird species, most notably huge flocks of flamingos – they have been known to number in their millions, though the lake has seen a decrease in the last few years. Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift Valley lakes, and the birds are attracted to the high levels of algae in the water.

Pelicans, cormorants, the African fish eagle, Verreaux’s eagle, the Goliath heron and hammer kops are also seen around the lake. In addition, you can spot black and white rhinos, Rothschild’s giraffes, lions and cheetahs throughout the national park.

Masai Mara National Reserve

How can we not mention the Masai Mara National Reserve? It’s one of the most famous safari destinations on the continent, but you can escape the crowds by heading to a private concession on the edge of the park.

Aside from not being accessible to the general public, concessions have the advantage of allowing activities not permitted in national parks: bush walks and night drives, for example.

The Masai Mara is one of the best places in Africa for big cat sightings: lions, leopards and cheetahs are all easy to spot.

Then of course, there’s the big-ticket draw: the year-round migration that sees nearly two million wildebeest, plus half a million antelopes and thousands of zebras, following the rains around Tanzania and Kenya.

The most anticipated part of this journey is the dramatic Mara River crossings that occur between July and September as the animals enter Kenya.

Diani Beach

Easily amongst the most picturesque shores in Africa, Diani Beach is about 30km/20mi south of Mombasa and a short flight from Nairobi.

Its white sands are lapped by the brilliant Indian Ocean and backed by verdant forests, into which you can take nature walks when you tire of sunbathing or kite-surfing.

Head out for a snorkeling tour, swim with whale sharks, enjoy a sunset dhow cruise – or simply kick back in a hammock with a good book.

Consider ending yourself drive safari in East Africa in Mombasa as a client for one way car rental booked with Self Drive Uganda Limited.

 Highlighted self-drive in East Africa.

When it comes to Self-drive in East Africa don’t miss the gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, the wildebeest migration in Kenya & Tanzania, sandy beaches and undisputed cultural encounters. With all these activities on your table, you are left wondering where to rent a reliable car for Self-drive in East Africa. Self-Drive Uganda Limited (  is available and it deals in Toyota Cars which come with classic standards and they include Land cruiser LX , V8, GX and Prado.


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