King Oyo of Tooro leads expedition to Mount Rwenzori 

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King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of Tooro embarked on a remarkable expedition to Uganda's tallest mountain, Rwenzori, as part of a concerted effort to emphasize the crucial importance of environmental conservation, climate action, and inclusive growth in Uganda's sustainable development journey.

Thousands of enthusiastic locals from within and beyond Tooro gathered at Fortportal City's Buhinga Stadium on Thursday night to witness this extraordinary event.

The primary objective of this epic expedition was to underscore the significance of environmental preservation and climate-conscious practices while fostering sustainable growth, all while promoting tourism in the region.

The anticipation and excitement in the stadium were palpable as, by 8 pm, subjects of King Oyo had filled Buhinga Stadium to capacity, eager to join their King on this expedition of a lifetime.

The journey began with a solemn moment of prayer, led by a team of over fifty of King Oyo's visitors from America. The atmosphere was electric as the prayers set the tone for the adventure that lay ahead.

At approximately 9 pm, King Oyo, accompanied by the queen mother, Best Kemigisha, made a grand entrance into the stadium, greeted by resounding cheers and jubilation from the crowd.

A gospel and prayers led by the visiting team immediately followed King Oyo and the queen mother taking their seats.

The message in the gospel revolved around deep appreciation for their patriotic King, who had taken the bold step to explore Uganda's vast tourism potential.

Around midnight, the expedition officially commenced, with King Oyo leading the way. He traversed from the lush grasslands at the mountain's base, through dense montane forests, up into the bamboo-clad slopes, and finally, into the challenging Heather zone before reaching the glacier-covered rocky peak of the majestic Rwenzori.

The primary aim of King Oyo's daring hike to an elevation of 5,109 meters above sea level was to promote tourism in the region, showcasing the natural wonders and beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains.

The air was filled with cheers from his subjects, but it was the profound message of environmental conservation and the potential for tourism that left an indelible impact on all who were present.

This expedition led by King Oyo serves as a testament to his commitment to the sustainable development and prosperity of Tooro while highlighting the captivating allure of Uganda's natural treasures.

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