Nurse arrested after two newborn babies die at Tororo main hospital

Nurse arrested after two newborn babies die at Tororo main hospital
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A nurse at Tororo Main Hospital, identified as Justin Lugose, has been arrested over  negligence that resulted in the tragic deaths of two newborn babies early last week.

The arrest was ordered by the District Chairperson, John Okea, after Lugose failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for her absence from duty on the fateful day.

The critical meeting between medical staff and district authorities took place at the hospital boardroom, chaired by District Chairperson John Okea.

The gathering aimed to address the recent incident where two infants lost their lives in the neonatal unit due to the absence of all seven nurses assigned to the ward.

During the meeting, the hospital management was tasked to explain the unfortunate occurrence.

District Chairperson John Okea, Principal Nursing Officer Stella Agambi, and Hospital Superintendent Thomas Ochar were present to seek accountability.

"We cannot tolerate negligence that results in loss of life, especially in a healthcare setting," emphasized Okea.

Hospital management identified health workers who were meant to be on duty on the fateful day, with Assistant Nursing Officer Justine Lugosi and Dr. Ken, the Gynecologist, among those asked to explain their actions.

Following unsatisfactory explanations, Lugosi was committed to the police for further interrogation.

District Chairperson John Okea and Tororo DPC Adam Kimuli were present as the accused medic was handed over to the authorities.

Amidst the meeting, disagreements arose among medics, with accusations of unprofessional conduct and indiscipline.

Paediatrician Dr. Augustus Ogutu and Assistant Nursing Officer Akii Okweri found themselves in the crossfire during the intense discussions.

Molly Cheria, District Councillor, voiced concerns about the recurring negligence cases at the facility, insisting that investigations are ongoing to ensure all those responsible are held accountable.

John Okea, District Chairperson, reiterated the commitment to uncover the truth.

"This is not the first time the facility is facing negligence cases; investigations are still ongoing to have all culprits arrested."

With a population of over two million people from Bukedi sub-region and across Kenya relying on Tororo Main Hospital, the incident has raised questions about the state of service delivery in the facility, which has been a concern for years

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