Tororo residents demand sacking of district health officials over incompetence

Tororo residents demand sacking of district health officials over incompetence
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A wave of discontent has swept through Tororo as residents demand an immediate change in leadership within the district health department, citing breathtaking incompetence and a series of alarming incidents at Tororo Hospital.

Lives lost, medics accused of absenteeism, and alleged extortion from patients have fueled the growing frustration among the community.

Earlier this month, Tororo Hospital witnessed the tragic loss of two children in the neonatal unit, suffocating inside malfunctioning oxygen machines.

Shockingly, all seven nurses assigned to the intensive care unit failed to report for duty, leading to the devastating outcome.

"The situation was exacerbated by inadequate staffing," defended hospital superintendent Thomas Ochari, pointing to the staffing gaps as a contributing factor.

Contradicting the hospital's stance, district health officials have exposed underlying issues, revealing a deeper problem within the hospital.

"We refute claims of inadequate staffing; there are underlying challenges that need to be addressed," asserted Okoth Obbo, the District Health Officer (DHO) for Tororo.

This isn't the first time cases of negligence have surfaced at Tororo General Hospital, leaving locals bitter and pointing fingers at district health heads for their perceived failure to take charge.

"The district health heads need to be held accountable; they are failing to take charge of the hospital," voiced Peter Ekikina, a former Hospital Board chairperson.

Residents express their discontent, accusing the district health leadership of neglecting their responsibilities.

"We've had enough; it's time for a change in leadership. The hospital cannot continue to be a hub of negligence," said Tororo resident Peter Omuse.

DHO Okoth Obbo shifts blame to the population, claiming they withhold information that could aid investigations into these incidents.

"The population should blame themselves for hiding information that would aid investigations," asserted Okoth Obbo.

District leaders, however, remain determined not to let this case fade away without accountability.

"We are not ready to see this particular case die a natural death. We demand answers and accountability," declared John Okea, the District Chairperson.

With the commitment of district leaders to address the issues at Tororo Hospital, locals eagerly await the actions that will be taken to restore sanity and ensure the well-being of patients in the community.

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