Kenyan Protestors Occupy Parliament

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Kenyan Protestors Occupy Parliament
Protests in Kenya have affected flow of goods and services to Uganda

Chaos has erupted in Nairobi, Kenya Tuesday afternoon, as protesters have finally breached the gates of Parliament and occupied it.

The demonstrators, frustrated by the government's handling of the economy and rising cost of living, had been gathering outside the building for hours before some of them were shot dead and several injured including two journalists.

The crowd surged forward, police struggled to maintain control by firing live ammunition but was later overwhelmed by the numbers.

The sound of tear gas, bullets and screams filled the air. The protesters, undeterred, pushed past the security forces and stormed into the Parliament building.

Once inside, they occupied the chambers screaming ‘Ruto must go,’ refusing to leave until their demands were met.


The Speaker of Parliament was reported to have been evacuated through an ambulance.

As the standoff continues, the millions of people online are watching, transfixed by the determination and courage of the Kenyan people.

This is a day that will go down in history, a day that would shape the future of the country.

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