Bunyoro demands renaming of Murchison falls and park

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Bunyoro demands renaming of Murchison falls and park
Murchison Falls National Park

Bunyoro Kingdom has raised concerns on why historic landmarks and tourist attractions such Murchison Falls and National Park as well as Lake Albert continue to carry names of former colonialists.

The issues were brought to the attention of the government by Andrew Byakutaga, the Bunyoro kingdom prime minister, during the 30-year anniversary of the coronation of Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I.

"When we were marking 100 years of Kabalega, people raised concerns on why until now we have falls in Bunyoro named after a person who is not a Munyoro but also did not wish good Uganda," Byakutaga said.

"We demand that the falls be named Kabalege falls, and the park be named Kabalega National Park, because now who is Murchison? From which tribe is he?"

Byakutaga also said Banyoro wants Lake Albert be renamed to its old name Mwitanzige that he says blends well with indigenous Uganda.

"We even don't know how they are arrived at changing these names, we want our name back," he said.

"Those people colonised us, made us suffer, we can't accept to have them marked by our beautiful resources like a lake."

The Bunyoro premier also had no kind words to the government, whom he accused of not ding enough for Bunyoro people in terms of jobs in the oil industry, citing the Uganda Oil Company board whose members has no one from Bunyoro.

Bunyoro Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaga (in blue robe) shares a moment with guests at Rukurato Chambers in Hoima | Alan Mwesigwa

"We were bothered by the recent appointment of the UNOC board, none of them is from Bunyoro, but these resources are in Bunyoro," Byakutaga said.

"We understand how they affect us, so we need to have representation everywhere for a person who understands our plight, we have people who qualify."

Addressing Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja who represented President Museveni, Byakutaga asked that the concerns be addressed with the head of state.

While so many people expected Ms Nabbanja to comment on issues raised, she avoided delving into them in her speech but noted most of them but assured the people that they will be delivered to relevant authorities.

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