NUP trashes claims of collaboration with DP-Bloc

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NUP trashes claims of collaboration with DP-Bloc
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POLITICS | There are UFOs or unidentified flying objects. And now the National Unity Platform appears to have figured out another such specimens - that is stopped shot of calling "Unidentified Political Objects".

The main opposition party on Thursday trashed a group calling itself 'DP Bloc' as nonexistent in all their claims of past collaboration with NUP.

On Wednesday, a group identifying themselves as DP-Bloc claimed to be terminating their cooperation with NUP.

The DP bloc members, led by former presidential candidate Walter Lubega Mukaku and former Makindye East MP Michael Mabikke, accused NUP principal Robert Kyagulanyi of exhibiting dictatorial tendencies that could not allow them to fully execute their intended plan of causing regime change in Uganda.

The aggrieved members further revealed that NUP has abandoned the struggle for regime change, concentrating on fighting prominent leaders in the opposition instead of fighting President Museveni.

“NUP party president is an incompetent leader for the struggle who has failed to transition from music to a real politician who can handle present challenges,” Mabikke said.

Mabikke, who quit DP to form Social Democratic Party, has hardly been known in the NUP circles while Lubega infamously fell out with Bobi Wine in August 2020 leading to his sacking from a top NUP position.

Lubega was one of the first politicians to embrace Kyagulanyi and show him the ropes when the then pop star decided to challenge Apollo Katinti in the Kyaddondo East bye-election in 2017.

But with their influence almost nonexistent, it was no surprise when NUP categorically denied any existing relationship with the DP-Bloc or the individuals present at the press conference.

"For the record, NUP doesn't and has never had any co-operation with the said group or the individuals at the said event," NUP stated in a statement posted on their official social media accounts.

"It follows therefore that you cannot end a non-existent co-operation. You cannot purport to get out of a non-existent marriage."

The NUP clarified that those who joined the party did so as individuals and were issued membership cards.

Some of them the party says "ceased to be members when they ran for election as independents or under other political parties."

The press conference held by DP-Bloc has raised questions and stirred political conversations, but NUP's firm response aims to dispel any misconceptions regarding their association with the group.

The party maintains that their focus remains on their political agenda and serving the interests of their members and supporters.

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