Woman fatally stabbed with broken bottle

Woman fatally stabbed with broken bottle
Nalongo Florence Namugerwa who was brutally murdered

In the quiet neighbourhood of Market Triangle Zone in Nyendo Mukugwe Division of Masaka City, tragedy struck in the early hours of Tuesday morning as residents woke up to the grim news of a fatal stabbing.

The victim, identified as Nnalongo Florence Namugerwa, 40, was allegedly stabbed to death by Sadick Wasswa, a fellow resident who is now on the run.

The harrowing incident unfolded amidst a chaotic altercation, leaving residents shocked and grieving.

Maria, the daughter of the deceased, said she was jolted awake by a distressing phone call at around 4am, informing her of her mother's stabbing.

Frantically, she rushed her to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, only to find herself confronted with the grim reality of her mother's untimely demise.

Residents recounted a series of events leading up to the fatal encounter.

Allegations swirled, pointing fingers at Wasswa, who had been known to the community as "Team Muhoozi."

Residents claimed that Wasswa had caused disturbances by knocking on doors in the early hours telling them to come out and rescue Namugerwa whom he said was too drunk.

“Wasswa called us to come out and help Nnalongo to lock her door because she is a drunkard and she cannot close it by herself, then after Wasswa ran away. But the moment we came, we found Nnalongo’s body in a pool of blood,” residents said.

The grief-stricken community lamented the loss of Nnalongo Namugerwa, emphasising that she was not embroiled in any trouble prior to the incident.

Sadick Wasswa who allegedly of killing Nalongo Florence Namugerwa

Calls for increased security reverberated throughout the neighbourhood, with residents expressing concern over the rising crime rates and the struggle for safety extending into the early hours of the morning.

Masaka Police spokesperson Twaha Kasirye shed light on the investigation, revealing that the suspect, Sadick Wasswa, used broken bottles to fatally wound Nnalongo Namugerwa, whom he purportedly had a romantic relationship with.

Kasirye affirmed that efforts were underway to apprehend the fugitive and ensure justice for the victim.

The tragic incident adds to a string of murders plaguing various districts of Masaka since the onset of the year, with the death toll climbing to a staggering ten.

The community remains on edge as they grapple with the aftermath of senseless violence, calling for swift action and increased vigilance from law enforcement to stem the tide of bloodshed haunting their once tranquil streets.

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