Fake Ministry Official Arrested in Arua for Teacher Scam

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Fake Ministry Official Arrested in Arua for Teacher Scam
Aja Victor Adame

Arua Police apprehended Aja Victor Adame, a 43-year-old resident of Galuga Bukaya Village, Wakiso District, for swindling teachers at Logiri Girls SSS out of sh.35 million.

Adame allegedly impersonated an official working under the Minister of State for Higher Education, Dr. Muyingo John Chrysestom, in September 2023. He approached the school's Headmistress, Apio Lillian Tako, claiming to identify deserving teachers for promotions and government payroll positions. He further promised to secure government sponsorships for the top S.6 students.

Believing his claims, the Headteacher facilitated a staff meeting where 35 staff members, including teachers, nurses, and a lab attendant, expressed interest. Adame demanded sh.1 million each to process their requests. Desperate for the opportunities, the staff complied, handing over a total of sh.35 million.

However, after receiving the money, Adame became unreachable. The Headteacher, suspecting fraud, reported the incident to the Arua Vurra Central Police Station. Police apprehended Adame and recovered sh.2 million as evidence.

Josephine Angucia, the Regional Police Spokesperson, confirmed that all victims and relevant witnesses have been summoned to provide statements. The case highlights the importance of caution when dealing with unsolicited offers, especially those involving large sums of money.

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