IGAD calls for ceasefire in Sudan

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IGAD calls for ceasefire in Sudan
IGAD's Executive Secretary, H.E. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has condemned the recent massacre in Wad al Nourah, Gezira State, Sudan.

Few days into the month of June, 2024, this tragic event resulted in the loss of at least 150 civilian lives, including 35 children.

IGAD's Executive Secretary,Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, has hence expressed profound sorrow and outrage over the incident, highlighting the profound suffering endured by innocent civilians caught in the middle of the conflict.

In his statement, Dr. Workneh has underscored the senseless nature of the violence and its severe impact on vulnerable populations, particularly women and children.

"The barbaric act is a stark reminder of the profound suffering endured by innocent civilians, particularly women and children, in this senseless conflict," he said.

The incident in Wad al Nourah is part of a broader pattern of violence that has plagued Sudan, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation.

IGAD has been closely monitoring the deteriorating conditions in Sudan and is alarmed by the persistent escalation of hostilities.

Despite numerous international efforts to broker a ceasefire, the conflict continues to escalate, pushing various regions towards famine and threatening the lives of millions of Sudanese civilians.

The situation is becoming increasingly dire, with acute hunger and displacement affecting vast swathes of the population.

The Executive Secretary's statement calls on the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to immediately cease hostilities and return to negotiations for a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities.

Dr. Workneh reiterated IGAD's position that there is no military solution to the conflict in Sudan. He emphasized that "the path to peace and stability lies in dialogue and negotiation, not in the continuation of hostilities."

Dr. Workneh also highlighted the responsibility and accountability of the parties involved in the conflict.

"The belligerents in the Sudan conflict bear full responsibility and accountability for the recent incidents and the ongoing violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. These atrocities must be denounced and thoroughly investigated, with those responsible held to account," he stated.

The massacre in Wad al Nourah has further underscored the urgent need for international intervention and support.

Dr. Workneh called on the global community to reinforce its commitment to achieving a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sudan. He assured that IGAD remains steadfast in its support for initiatives aimed at securing a sustainable ceasefire and lasting peace in the region.

This expression of grief signals IGAD's strong condemnation of the violence in Wad al Nourah and its call for immediate cessation of hostilities highlights the critical need for a renewed international effort to bring peace to Sudan.

The international community must therefore mobilize to support peace initiatives, ensuring that the suffering of innocent civilians does not continue unabated.

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