UMSC's Sheikh Kamugisha scores only goal as Kabale Muslims edge journalists in Eid Cup

UMSC's Sheikh Kamugisha scores only goal as Kabale Muslims edge journalists in Eid Cup
The Eid match in Kabale

EID CELEBRATIONS | Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) publicist Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha is surely a man of many talents as the media fraternity in Kabale found out on Eid Day.

Turning up for the Kabale Muslim community in the friendly game, Sheikh Kamugisha scored the only goal as the Prophet Muhammed faithful edged the media fraternity 1-0.

Journalists in Kigezi Sub-region initiated the sports tournament to foster unity among members of the media fraternity.

The Kigezi regional media tournament, scheduled for May 3, aligns with the World Press Freedom Day celebrations to be hosted in Kabale Municipality.

It was as part of the pre-tournament mobilisation efforts the Kabale media fraternity and Kabale Muslim community engaged in a friendly match on Eid Day at Kabale main stadium.

Sheikh Kamugisha, who doubles as the Deputy Resident City Commissioner for Nakawa in Kampala, said such a friendly match is to foster deeper connection between the Muslim community and the media fraternity adds that every one in the Kigezi and the country at large should borrow a leaf.

“Such a friendly match means a deeper connection between the Muslim community in Kable and Uganda and the fourth estate," he said.

"This becomes a bridge of promoting unity, development and objective contribution to the country. Therefore I call upon any other stake holders to always join such activities on such days, to cement and consolidate working relations between different stake holder in order to foster unity and diversity as well as progress and social economic transformation of our country.”

According to Praise Kiwanuka, assistant coach for Kabale media fraternity, the friendly match with Kabale media fraternity and Muslim community is a very great opportunity for both teams since it promotes unity and self-introductions for both teams.

“This is a very big opportunity for Kabale media fraternity to be playing with Kabal Muslim community, true as journalists we have always interacted with the Muslim community but not in friendly match," Kiwanuka.

"For me such a game it helps in connectivity and networking."

As we get closer to world press Freedom Day, the Kabale media fraternity continues to engage in different sports activities.

This year's World press Freedom Day celebrated annually on May 3, centres around the theme, "A press of the planet: Journalism in the face of the environment Crisis.

“The focus is on highlighting the significance of journalism and freedom of expression in the context of the current global environment challenges.

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