Mark your calendars: When will the draw for the Euro 2024 group stage take place?

Mark your calendars: When will the draw for the Euro 2024 group stage take place?
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Attention is now turning to the draw for the 2024 European Championship next summer in Germany, and fans will shortly be able to begin preparing to cheer on their national teams as they compete in the continental championship.

With the first round of qualifying for Euro 2024 concluded, anticipation about next summer's draw has understandably grown. After this domestic season, the top European national teams will go to Germany to pursue the continent's most prestigious international trophy.

However, they must determine who they will face in the group stage. Let us see when the draw for the Euro2024 group stage will take place.

When will the draw for Euro 2024 take place?

The draw for the Euro 2024 tournament is scheduled to occur on Saturday, December 2nd. The event will begin at Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg at 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time (6 pm Central European Time, noon Eastern Time, 9 am Pacific Time).

The commencement of the competition is scheduled to occur more than six months prior to the inaugural match, which will take place at the esteemed Allianz Arena in Munich on Friday, June 14th. After one month, the conclusive game will take place in the Olympiastadion in Berlin, which has a seating capacity of 74,000.

Is it possible to watch the Euro 2024 draw?

The live streaming of the draw will be available on and UEFA's official app. Several broadcasters have expressed interest in covering the draw, although they have not yet been approved. South African bettors also have the opportunity to place wagers using the Betfred promo code for South African players, providing them with a plethora of options to choose from. As anticipation builds for the Euro 2024 draw, this combination of accessible live streaming and diverse wagering choices not only enhances the global viewing experience but also adds an extra layer of excitement for fans eager to engage with every aspect of the event.

The Qualified teams

Twenty-one of the twenty-four teams competing in Germany are already known to us. The following teams have already secured their spots for next summer's tournament, listed by the group from which they qualified:

  • Hosting Country: Germany
  • Group A: Scotland, Spain
  • Group B: Netherlands, France
  • Group C: Italy, England
  • Group D: Croatia, Turkey
  • Group E: Czech Republic, Albania
  • Group F: Austria, Belgium
  • Group G: Serbia, Hungary
  • Group H: Slovenia, Denmark
  • Group I: Switzerland, Romania
  • Group J: Slovakia, Portugal

What is the process for drawing?

Due to their host status, Germany is in Group A by default. After that, the draw will divide the remaining Pot 1 teams among Groups B and F. Groups A–F are then filled out using the squads from Pot 2, and the procedure repeats itself for Pots 3 and 4.

The standings in each group will also dictate when each team plays each other. The host nation of Germany will be in position A1.

Euro 2024 pots

Each team has been placed into a pot from which a random selection will be made. An entire pot's worth of teams will once again make up each group.

Pot 1: Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, England, Belgium

Pot 2: Turkey, Hungary, Denmark, Romania, Austria, Albania

Pot 3: Scotland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Pot 4: Serbia, Italy, Play-off A winner, Switzerland, Play-off C winner, Play-off B winner.

When will Euro 2024 commence?

The European Championship 2024 will occur from June 14th to July 14th, 2024. The inaugural match will be played at Munich's Allianz Arena, and the concluding match will be held at the Olympiastadion in Berlin one month later.

In total, there will be fifty-one events. Wednesday, June 26th, is the anticipated conclusion of the group stage, and Saturday, June 29th, is the scheduled start of the elimination phase.

Final thoughts

There you have it! Please mark your calendars and remember. The D-day is Saturday, December 2nd—the venue is Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg at 5 pm. Do not be late.


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