Opposition politicians orchestrating protests should not be permitted to be president of Uganda, says Nabbanja

Opposition politicians orchestrating protests should not be permitted to be president of Uganda, says Nabbanja
Robinah Nabbanja

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has criticised opposition leaders planning a protest today in the city, asserting that they should not be allowed to become presidents of Uganda due to their perceived lack of patriotism.

Speaking to the media in Kampala on Tuesday, leaders of opposition political parties, united under the United Forces of Change consortium, disclosed a joint plan against inadequate service delivery in the country.

This initiative is set to commence with planting banana stems tomorrow in locations with potholes.

Opposition leaders from the National Unity Platform (NUP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)-Katonga, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Democratic Party (DP), and Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) initiated the demonstration plans.

They argued that it is unjust for Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit delegations to use the new and rehabilitated city roads while taxpayers grapple with poor roads in the city outskirts.

In addition to the planned demonstration, the opposition leaders announced joint prayers in Iganga District on January 22 and Lira District on January 23. These gatherings aim to seek divine intervention in their ongoing struggle against perceived governance issues and inadequate service delivery.

However, while appearing on a local radio station, Nabbanja sternly warned opposition leaders against staging any protest in the city today, stating that they will face significant consequences.

"This time, the opposition should exercise common sense. They should not dare, let me stop there, but I repeat they should not dare this time round," she asserted.

She emphasised the negative impact on the country's image during international summits, stating, "Tainting the image of the country at this moment would be very bad, especially when there are international summits taking place. It is crucial not to portray a negative image of the country consistently."

Nabbanja criticized the opposition leaders for lacking patriotism, accusing them of attempting to disrupt the positive efforts of the government.

She highlighted the unique opportunity for Uganda to host 32 confirmed presidents from different parts of the world during the summits.

"The Constitution allows you to go for a peaceful demonstration, but it must follow clear procedures. It is not about coming out of anywhere and hitting the streets. We shall not accept that," she declared.

In the Kampala Metropolitan Area, police announced their intention to arrest participants in today's peaceful demonstration against the city's poor roads, as announced by opposition leaders.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire emphasized that such arrangements resulting in road blockades are deemed illegal.

He stressed that the police cannot permit disruptions to traffic flow on alternative routes used by the public, especially during the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77+ China summits

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