Mystery surrounding missing NUP supporters deepens amidst gov't contradictions

Mystery surrounding missing NUP supporters deepens amidst gov't contradictions
Parliament sitting.

The disappearance of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporter John Bosco Kibalama, who was abducted in 2019, has taken a darker twist as speculations emerge about his fate.

The situation has ignited concerns and accusations, with opposition figures questioning the government's transparency.

The case, documented under SD/02/04/06/2019, was reported to Nakanyonyi Police station in Wakiso district a day after Kibalama's abduction.

His car was discovered abandoned along the road, containing seemingly untouched belongings, including a mobile phone, laptop, and an iPad.

The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, initially brought attention to Kibalama's arrest, sparking demands for information about his whereabouts.

However, Deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi recently revealed a startling revelation during an appearance on NBS Frontline.

Kafuuzi disclosed that the Prime Minister was referring to a different individual, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the case.

Legislators have expressed skepticism, accusing the government of providing contradictory information and suggesting a potential cover-up.

The shifting statements from authorities have left many wondering if there is an untold truth surrounding Kibalama's disappearance.

Nicholas Opiyo, a prominent human rights defender, voiced concern over the inconsistencies, emphasizing that the families deserve clarity.

"The state ought to take responsibility," Opiyo stated, adding that accurate documentation is crucial for justice to prevail.

The opposition, including figures like Kivumbi, Ssebamala, and Kabanda Aisha, accuse the government of dishonesty in handling abduction cases.

They point to what they describe as "irresponsible excuses," such as the failure to present the number plates of the cars involved in abductions.

As the government's narrative continues to shift, families affected by similar cases express growing anxiety about the fate of their loved ones.

The lack of cohesive information from authorities leaves them questioning whether justice will ever be served

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