Nabbanja orders arrest of Bukomansimbi district engineer over road funds

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has ordered security  to look for the Bukomansimbi district engineer, Martin Ssaazi and arrest him for theft of road funds .

This followed opposition by locals  of the  roads report read out by Bukomansimbi Deputy chief administration officer Annet Ssali and Gilbert Kibuuka, an official from the Uganda Road Fund indicating the roads that have already been worked on  in this financial year and the amount they have spent on them .

Residents disputed the figures says most of the roads mentioned had never been repaired whereas for others, it was shoddy work.

Bukomansimbi received more than shs 600 millions in this year financial year for  roads but according to the report , the money has been spent on 15 roads that the residents say is not true.

‘They did not put marram and culverts on Butenga-Kyakamunya road which is now too slippery. Yesterday our vehicles got stuck  because of poor maintenance and according to the situation it cannot cost all that amount of money,” Ojera, a resident of Kyakamunya said.

The protests by residents forced the Prime Minister to call out the district engineer to clear the air about the allegations but he was nowhere to be seen.

Nabbanja then summoned the deputy CAO, Annet Ssali whose explanation was not convincing, angering the Prime Minister.

"We do not have enough machines and we share them as the district and the sub counties .When the district is working ,the subcounty cannot work but we are in a procurement process,”Ssali said.

When asked how long it has taken them to procure the machines, the deputy CAO could not answer, further angering the Prime Minister who warned her against spending money on construction of new roads when the existing ones are in a dire state.

Nabbanja also revealed only five roads are scheduled to be worked on, noting that the district officials are naming a number of small roads yet it is a scheme to steal funds.

She said government’s target was to maintain all roads across the district.

During a meeting, one Salim Kisekka, a resident of Bukomansimbi ward reported to the Prime Minister that the district engineer had conned him of shs17 million which was meant to repair Bulenge play ground but the same didn’t happen.

In response, Nabbanja order the district engineer’s arrest.

“ DPC let this engineer be arrested right now because we cannot accept this theft in our government. Let him be behind until on the 28th of this month when we will come back and he explains where he put Salim’s money,” Nabbanja directed.

Residents led by the Bukomansimbi NRM chairman Shafik Mwanje reported to the Prime Minister a number of irregularities in the Parish Development Model where some people didn’t get and others got half of the stipulated amount.

Nabbanja directed the Prime Minister to sort this mess in one week.

The Prime Minister is still touring Bukomansimbi, Kalungu and Ssembabule’s districts.

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