PM Nabbanja says regional expos will help change mindset of Ugandans about agriculture

The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja has opened the Greater Kibaale agricultural expo in Kagadi district.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Nabbanja said regional expos will help government change the mindset of Ugandans about agriculture but also farmers to adopt new and improved farming methods with bring higher yields.

“To achieve socioeconomic transformation through agriculture, we need to increase production, productivity and profitability and these can be realised if we farmers are mobilised to build high-value agricultural enterprises, have  access to the right information from qualified extension service workers , have access to certified seeds or stocking materials , interact with key players in agriculture, including agro-input dealers, value-addition experts, researchers, and model farmers, among others,”Nabbanja said.

“This expo which has attracted various actors in agriculture, is designed to realise these.”

The Prime Minister said President Museveni last year directed her to coordinate all the relevant institutions of government to implement his six policy proposals to develop agriculture.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja tours a farm.

The policy proposals include production, multiplication, distribution and certification of seeds and stocking materials, disease control, agricultural mechanisation and irrigation , farmer education and mobilisation and partnerships with big land owners as well as interventions in the fisheries sector.

 We are therefore holding this campaign, which includes agricultural expos and a health camp at the district level, to reach as many farmers as possible. We have brought together agro-input dealers, agro-processors, seed multiplication experts, value addition experts, agronomists and researchers, among others, to get these services closer to the people,” Nabbanja said.

She noted that the campaign is in line with the socioeconomic transformation agenda of the NRM government that will help facilitate implementation of the Parish Development Model and NDP III.

“We are advising farmers with small plots of land to engage in high-value crop-growing enterprises like onions, irish potatoes and water melons .Farmers with small plots of land can also set up other projects like poultry and piggery in their backyards.”

Farmers who own large pieces of land can engage in extensive agriculture for crops like maize, coffee, tea, sugarcane, among others.”

The Prime Minister urged local leaders to identify model farmers involved in crop production and animal rearing for visiting during the campaign.

The Greater Kibaale agriculture expo sets the stage for a promising future in agriculture for Kagadi district and its surrounding regions.



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