Hoima by-election: NRM bigwigs  campaign for Mugisha

NRM bigwigs led by the first vice chairman Alhaji Moses Kigongo, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and deputy secretary General Rose Namayanja on Thursday campaigned for the party flagbearer, Uthuman Mubarak Mugisha in the LCV by-election.

This was during a district conference of NRM leaders held at Dwoli Church of Uganda Primary School ahead of the September, 14 by-election.

“NRM supporters chose Mugisha and so everybody in the party ought to respect their decision. They explicitly spoke and nobody can change it,” Kigongo said  as he addressed the NRM structural leaders.

He called upon  former aspirants in the recently held primaries who have returned in the race as independents to respect the will of the people,

“I appeal to you to support the flag bearer as you strategise for general elections of 2026.”

Kigongo asked the NRM members who are mobilizing for their candidate to remain respectful and use a good convincing language to win over the voters into their camp.

“We are all here for NRM not for an individual. We have no right to belittle or harass anybody. The NRM liberators who former governments undermined were able to fight and win the war.”

Preaches reconciliation

The first NRM vice chairperson challenged  the ruling party supporters in Hoima to put aside the  differences which may have emerged in primaries.

“It is through unity that we can gain strength to retain the Hoima seat. We cannot give our opponents a chance to win because they have nothing to deliver.”

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said that despite being young in age, Mugisha Uthuman is energetic, open to learn and receives guidance from senior leaders.

“He needs a chance to demonstrate his skills and abilities. Let us support him because he means well for the development of Hoima district. He can be the right replacement for his father, the late Kirungi Kadri,” Nabbanja advised.

She  also asked  former contestants in the NRM primaries who are now vying as independents to drop the idea, urging them to learn to concede defeat.

Nabbanja  rallied Hoima locals  to vote wisely without feelings and excitement.

“The NRM government has done a lot and many more things are in the pipeline. You should not vote out of personal feelings at the cost of the development of the community. Our opponents in this by-election are incapable of delivering anything because they don't have resources.”

She appealed to the NRM leaders to continue with mass mobilisation of the voters in the remaining days, traversing all villages until NRM wins.

The NRM deputy Secretary General, Rose Namayanja Nsereko said the party will accord necessary support to Mugisha to ensure he clinches the seat.

“The NRM party endorsed candidate is known and so those who lost in primaries should concede and we jointly move forward as one a family said.  God has spoken because the voice of the people is the voice of God. Let us vote Uthuman Mugisha because he is the symbol of NRM

The Director of Mobilisation at NRM Secretariat, Rosemary Seninde urged NRM mobilisers to take the lead in seeking for the support of Mugisha since they understand well the Hoima political arena.

“We are behind you as you mobilise for the votes of our candidate,” Seninde said.

The Hoima LCV  race has attracted five candidates who are vying to replace the late Kadiri Kirungi who perished in the road accident in March this year.


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