Nabbanja launches nationwide campaign to boost agricultural productivity

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja commenced a comprehensive initiative aimed at rallying farmers nationwide to increase agricultural output, improve productivity, and ultimately enhance profitability.

The launch took place at Kiryokya Primary School in Mityana district.

The agricultural exposition, inaugurated with great enthusiasm in Mityana, attracted key figures within the agricultural sector, including suppliers of agro-inputs and agricultural machinery, exemplary farmers, and specialists in agro-processing.

These stakeholders showcased their latest technologies and products through well-organized exhibition stalls, highlighting a collaborative effort to revitalize Uganda's agricultural landscape.

This initiative aligns with the six-point policy proposals put forth by President Museveni, all aimed at revitalising the agricultural sector.

The proposals cover various aspects, from seed production, distribution, and certification, to disease control, agricultural mechanization and irrigation, farmer education and mobilization, partnerships with influential landholders, and interventions in the fisheries sector.

In her address, Nabbanja emphasised the government's unwavering commitment to turning the vision of socio-economic transformation into tangible actions.

She emphasised the importance of addressing poverty at its core, at the household level, through the successful implementation of these initiatives.

"Today signifies a crucial step towards securing a brighter future for our nation's farmers and their families. We are resolute in our determination to achieve a society where prosperity thrives from our fields to our homes," declared Nabbanja.

Rose Namayanja Nsereko, Deputy Secretary General, echoed the ruling party's steadfast dedication to achieving socio-economic transformation through grassroots empowerment.

She highlighted the significant role of government programs in empowering the population financially.

Expressing gratitude for the government's unwavering support, she emphasized the potential of the nationwide campaign to mobilize farmers towards the common goal of elevating agricultural production.

Nsereko reiterated that focusing on agriculture not only strengthens household incomes but also serves as a powerful weapon in the fight against poverty.

"With the government's collaboration with agricultural experts and exhibitors, and the extensive reach of this initiative across our nation, it is our duty as the ruling party to inspire and engage everyone in the pursuit of agriculture. This is a determined step towards alleviating poverty, particularly at the grassroots level," she emphasised.

The countrywide agricultural exposition will continue with forthcoming launches in the districts of Kasanda and Mubende tomorrow, followed by Kiboga and Kyankwanzi.

The inauguration event was attended by esteemed cabinet ministers, ministers of state, members of parliament, and district leaders, among other distinguished guests.

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