Karamojong youth surrenders illegal guns in Kotido

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Karamojong youth surrenders illegal guns in Kotido
The surrender of a gun to Gen Busizoori in Kotido | Richard Oyel

In a significant move towards peace in Karamoja, local youth Pusia Lodomosia voluntarily surrendered a machine gun (number 06779) on May 21, 2024.

The handover took place during a regional strategic meeting attended by Deputy Commander Third Division Brigadier-General Felix Busizoori and Minister for Karamoja Affairs Peter Lokeris.

Gen Busizoori lauded Lodomosia's decision, attributing the growing peace in the region to the continued voluntary surrender of illegal firearms by Karamojong youth.

"This courageous act of Pusia Lodomosia sets an example for others to follow," he said.

Minister Lokeris, accompanied by the State Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Ms Florence Nambozo, acknowledged the significant progress since the "dark days" of cattle raids and gun violence.

He encouraged the youth to continue surrendering weapons voluntarily. "The surrender of illegal weapons is crucial in reducing violence and promoting development in Karamoja," Lokeris remarked.

The meeting in Kotido marked another step towards achieving long-term stability in the region, with government officials emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in disarmament efforts.

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