Police impound and destroy 128 jerrycans of waragi

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Police impound and destroy 128 jerrycans of waragi
Police destroy waragi in Moroto | Richard Oyel

A strong smell of crude gin popularly known as waragi filled the area around Moroto Central Police Station on Thursday as Police destroyed over 100 of  alcohol.

Blue 28-litre jerrycans were decanted at a drainage facility for the waragi to flow into waste, probably touching the taste buds of those drunks and betraying their idea of wastage.

To curb the high consumption of illicit alcohol in Karamoja region, security forces launched a crackdown on crude waragi, impounding 128 jerrycans and destroying at Moroto Central Police Station.

The move comes after reports revealed that the region has the highest percentage of waragi consumption in the country, standing at 48 percent.

Crude alcohol is is blamed for fueling petty thefts, domestic violence and other crimes.

"Once we block the entry of illicit alcohol, we are hopeful that there will be a reduction in crime rates," Mark Aol, the Moroto assistant resident district commissioner, said.

The alcohol was destroyed after obtaining a court order.

"We will continue maintaining a tight grip on the designated checkpoints to arrest and cut the supply of waragi," Peter Mugabi, the Moroto district police commander, said.

The war on illicit alcohol is expected to have a positive impact on the community, reducing the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption and promoting a safer and more peaceful environment.

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