Over 50 homes reduced to ash in Kaabong fire

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Over 50 homes reduced to ash in Kaabong fire
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Hundreds of residents have been left homeless after a devastating fire engulfed their homes in Leterwa village in Sidok Subcounty, Kabong district.

The blaze, which broke out at around 6pm on March 19, quickly spread through the grass-thatched houses in the Manyatta homestead, reducing over 50 lots to ashes.

Authorities received a distress call from concerned residents of Leterwa Village prompting a swift response from the police.

“Despite efforts to extinguish the flames, the intensity of the wildfires thwarted attempts to save the homes, leaving behind a trail of destruction.” Mike Longole, Karamoja Police Spokesperson told the Nile Post.

Preliminary investigations by the police point to a tragic accident involving a juvenile. According to reports, a three-year-old child, Lochoro Emmanuel, was left unattended in the compound by his mother, Modo Rose Mary, who went to fetch water from a nearby borehole.

“While alone, the child ignited a bundle of dry grass, sparking the inferno. Strong winds fueled the flames, causing them to rapidly spread from one hut to another, ultimately consuming over 50 homes in the Village," Karamoja Police spokesperson Mike Longole said.

"The fire caused extensive damage, destroying household properties and leaving numerous families displaced."

Police said following the incident, a team of investigators visited the scene to assess the damage and gather relevant information.

“Statements were recorded from the affected residents and local leaders to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the fire,” Longole added.

Describing the fire as "unfortunate," Meri Jino, the Kaabong District chairman, has called on the government to intervene swiftly to assist the affected families.

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