Parliament transformed into a business Hub, ANT highlights the need for power reduction

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Parliament transformed into a business Hub, ANT highlights the need for power reduction
ANT leaders speak to the press

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has raised concerns about Parliament's transformation into a business hub and advocated for a reduction in its powers.

Winnie Kiiza, the former Leader of the Opposition, expressed appreciation for the organizers of an online exhibition that exposed corruption and mismanagement within parliament.

"When it is the President who appoints every officer into a particular office of government, it is also problematic. This merging of all institutions of government gives them too much power, and this power is not easy to control," stated Kiiza while speaking to the media in Kampala.

She further added, "The entrenchment of corruption in Museveni's government must stop, and we can only do this by trimming the powers of those in authority, which can only be achieved through constitutional reforms."

Kiiza also highlighted concerns about the lack of independence of the Speaker of Parliament, stating, "They say the Speaker of Parliament is supposed to be independent according to the constitution, but we cannot see that independence because the Speaker belongs to a political party."

Reflecting on the 1995 constitution, Kiiza commented that the constitution of 1995 gave too many powers to the President under the assumption that the president would only serve for 10 years and then step down because they knew they had put sufficient checks and balances in place.

She expressed her dismay at the breakdown of institutions of governance.

"What bothers us as people is the impunity with which government officers operate. Institutions of governance have deteriorated to the extent that whoever assumes office becomes the institution in that office," she said.

Gerald Karuhanga, the spokesperson for the ANT affirmed the party's commitment to working with all Ugandans to create a more transparent, accountable, and inclusive Uganda.

He mentioned the progress made through country-wide engagements and the ongoing efforts to promote value-based leadership.

"If you don't have accountable leaders, then that means you have no leadership at all because they will only account for themselves and their families financially," Karuhanga emphasised.

He further stated, "Our party firmly stands against corruption, mismanagement, and policies that compromise the advancement of Ugandans. We call for comprehensive, forensic, and value-for-money audits of parliament's expenditures."

Karuhanga encouraged all Ugandans to actively engage in the affairs of the nation.

"Make it your business to take an active interest in the governance of this nation. Don't leave it solely to political parties or religious leaders because as long as the leaders are not listening to the people, it becomes as if the leaders are speaking to themselves,"he stated.

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