Will NRM dethrone opposition's Betty Aol in Gulu City?

Will NRM dethrone opposition's Betty Aol in Gulu City?
Betty Aol Achan

The battle for the Gulu City Woman Member of Parliament is already taking shape.

It comes after  the NRM declared that they are going in bare knuckles with affirmative knuckles action in order to dethrone FDC's Betty Aol Ocan.

However, Aol reigns Sspreme in Gulu especially among the female voters.

The former leader of opposition has already declared that she will be on the ballot come 2026.

It should be noted that since the rise of the NRM popularity across Acholi sub region in the last ten years, several top wigs in the opposition parties have been dethroned.

However, one person who still stands strong is the former leader of the opposition .

Her long stay in Parliament is attributed to her strong attachment to the voters especially women at the grassroot level

She has been hailed for her massive contribution  to the health sector by buying four ambulances but  is also a strong advocate of empowerment on the floor of Parliament.

Aol who once served as an LC5 councilor for about ten years remains a thorn  for the NRM in Acholi sub region as she still reigns supreme in Gulu.

"Gulu City needs servant leaders, not people who think they will sit there, sometimes in the bar and feel so big," she says.

However the NRM Registrar George Ovola says they are preparing a robust affirmative action that will uproot Aol from her seat in 2026.

"We are going to do what it takes to make sure NRM takes over the position"  Ovola said.

Aol who has been in Parliament since 2006 believes that the city still needs her experience in order to put in place proper structures that will propel Gulu's development.

And with clenched fists, the former leader of opposition sees the aspirations of the NRM as an appeasement policy to their party chairperson President Museveni and a scramble for ministerial positions.

With the discovery of oil and graphite in some parts of Acholi sub region, Aol believes that it is her motherly figure that will help the city to benefit from the new found mineral wealth.

Arthur Owor , a political analyst and researcher believes that the NRM will find it difficult to dethrone Aol , mainly because of her ground among the voters in Gulu City especially the women.

"What she ably did was to brand herself as 'Min Gulu'. Which means the mother of Gulu","Owor says.


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