We'll not wait for 2026 to remove Museveni - Besigye

We'll not wait for 2026 to remove Museveni - Besigye
Besigye flashes his famous symbol to his party loyalists in Mbarara

Opposition stalwart Kizza Besigye has told the people of Mbabrara that his plans are not to wait for 2026 elections to remove President Museveni and the NRM government from power.

“I will not wait for 2026, let us begin now, our plan is not to look for a leader, our plan is to look for what to lead and that is our country Uganda that is in captivity by Mr Museveni and his family,” Besigye said.

The retired colonel and former bush war personal doctor of President Museveni has been on a nationwide consultation tour as his FDC Katonga faction seek opinions of voters on whether they should form a new political party.

Speaking to voters in the western district of Mbarara on Wednesday, the tough-talking Besigye challenged all party members to initiate the conversations of strengthening unity among Ugandans to believe in the ideology of removing the NRM government through concerted efforts without using guns.

“If one morning we all decide and agree that no food stuff will be sent to Kampala, the army who Mr Museveni thinks belongs to him can rebel against him due to hunger and in that regard be sent off as the president, that way we shall have redeemed ourselves from the enslavement of this family," he said.

"The regime has subjected you to beggars and only waits for the little support with handouts on top of intimidations with the famous ‘drones’ to those that try to speak out, We then cannot wait for 2026.”

The four-time presidential candidate cautioned the Katonga faction of what he termed as "masqueraders at Najjanankumbi" whose interests and goal is different from the Katonga faction.

“The Najja group has a totally different aim that is driven by selfish interests and how they will survive the tough times created by this government,” Besigye said.

Dr Besigye quietly decamped to his private office at Katonga Road in Nakasero years before a bitter fallout between his loyalists and FDC president Patrick Amuriat and General Secretary Nandala Mafabi causes a charade at their Najjanakumbi headquarters.

The entire Besigye group, including national chairman Wasswa Birigwa, left and nestled under Besigye's wings at Katonga, leading to the creation of the so-called 'Katonga Faction'.

Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye said the Nandala group at Najjanankumbi made it clear on who they are and work.

"I am happy that the people of Mbarara can listen to us," he said.

According to the Secretary General FDC Katonga, Harold Kaija, despite the damage the Najjanankumbi has caused on the FDC party, "we still have our party structures and the people still believe in Dr Besigye”.

Kaija added that much as some of the party leaders and members demand for a new political party, they will announce the next move after the ongoing consultative meeting with the party members across the country.

Dr Besigye and the FDC Katonga leaders are in western Uganda tour where they started with Mbarara on Wednesday and the next destination is Kabale then Rukungiri and Bushenyi respectively.

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