NUP is not equipped to win in a political league, says MP Kagabo

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NUP is not equipped to win in a political league, says MP  Kagabo
Dr. Twaha Kagabo

Bukoto South Member of Parliament, Dr. Twaha Kagabo, has criticized the political objectives and strategies of the National Unity Platform (NUP), a party to which he belongs.

While appearing on NBS Eagle Show on Sunday, the controversial MP  expressed his disillusionment with NUP's approach, comparing it to "gala football" and asserting that the party is not equipped to win in a political "league."

Although Kagabo was elected to Parliament on a NUP ticket, he has always indicated that he doesn’t believe in some of the party ideologies.

"I realized NUP’s objective was not to remove Museveni. If it were football, NUP would be playing gala football, one-day matches, but when it comes to a league, they can't manage it. NUP is a gala team and can’t win the league," stated Kagabo.

The Bukoto South MP went on to advise the public to seek an alternative political team that can secure a victory.

His analogy of NUP's political strategy being akin to short-term and sporadic matches rather than a sustained league effort raised eyebrows within and outside the political spectrum.

Dr. Kagabo further highlighted that the challenges currently faced by NUP were issues he had previously warned about, asserting that his concerns were overlooked, and now, they are affecting the top leadership of the party.

"What's happening in NUP is what I once spoke about, and they took me for granted, and it's now affecting the top leadership," Kagabo said shedding light on the internal struggles within the party.

Despite being a member of the National Unity Platform, Dr. Kagabo also revealed his affiliations with the MK movement and his status as an NRM well-wisher.

He clarified that his stance is not opposition but advisory, stating, "I don’t oppose the government but advise it."

His comments raise questions about the internal cohesion and long-term political strategy of the party.

The implications of Kagabo's remarks and his call for the public to consider alternative leadership add an additional layer of complexity to the dynamics within Uganda's political landscape. As the political discourse unfolds, observers will be keen to see how NUP responds to this critique from within its own ranks and how it might impact the party's trajectory in the future.

In a notable turn of events in 2022, Kagabo grabbed headlines when he personally delivered Shs 40 million to the office of the former Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga.

His claim was that the money originated from the residence of the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Annet Among, in Nakasero, for an unspecified activity.

Attributing his actions to the directive of Robert Kyagulanyi, the president of NUP, Kagabo asserted that party MPs who had received such funds were instructed to return them.

However, he later issued an apology to the Speaker, acknowledging that he had unintentionally tarnished the image of the August House by returning the alleged Shs 40 million bribe.

Prior to his involvement in the Shs 40 million controversy, Kagabo was a relatively unnoticed backbencher in the House, lacking the visibility enjoyed by more vocal legislators. However, the cash bonanza thrust him into the limelight.

Kagabo further distinguished himself as the sole NUP legislator to defy the resolution of the Shadow cabinet. He chose to attend a parliamentary sitting at Kololo Ceremonial grounds, where the President addressed the House in March of that year.

Explaining his decision to attend the special sitting, Kagabo emphasized his belief that the opposition was no longer reliable. His primary focus, he stated, was to represent the people of Bukoto South in the House, signaling a shift in allegiance away from party lines.

As Kagabo's political journey continues to unfold, his actions have sparked discussions among readers, prompting reflections on the intricate dynamics within the NUP and the broader political landscape in Uganda

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