FDC: "Museveni wants to rule people who don’t reason"


FDC has said that by proposing to pay science teachers more, President Museveni wants to ‘hurt’ arts teachers in order to discourage humanities, and rule over a country that cannot think.

The President announced last week that there will be no salary increment for teachers who teach humanities as government wants to adopt a science-led strategy.

Museveni argued that the country quickly needs medicines, items of transport and building materials not storytelling and philosophy.

In response, the FDC deputy secretary Harold Kaija while addressing the press on Monday said that Museveni’s knows that when people study humanities, their minds are opened to think and challenge atrocities, which Museveni does not want.

“In a nutshell, he does not want reasoning, he wants people who cannot think, he wants to make them green like robots because then a robot can be fed information through a computer,” Kaija said.

Kaija said that Museveni’s ‘war’ on arts and reasoning started from way back, when he banned civic education in primary schools, and political education from secondary and tertiary institutions.

"We hear that he now wants to do away with philosophy, because this deals with how how people think and Museveni does not want that," Kaija added.

Kaija said that if Museveni was so much interested in sciences like he claims, then KCCA councillors would not be earning more than doctors.

"In UNRA, the boss who is not a scientist earns a good salary of Shs 30 plus million, the directors who are scientists earn Shs 25 million, station engineers earn Shs 6 million," Kaija argued.

Kaija asked how many government schools have laboratories, if President Museveni is so much interested in sciences.


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